Data Protection Statement

Factory 14 Data Protection Statement


1.) To keep your personal data private and secure is important to us.

If we ask you for your personal data and information about your career, skills and preferences, we do so because we want to evaluate the best way to develop your career. And of course to find the best possible job for you. Obviously we need some information about you to do so.

Protecting and keeping your data safe is the highest priority for us. That is why we are committed to safeguarding your privacy and to treating your data confidentially at all times. The following statement tells you which of your personal data is stored and how we use it.

Changes to legislation or to our internal processes can lead to an amendment of this statement. Please read the data protection statement regularly or ask us about it at

2,) What are we doing with your data?

  1. a) Personal data

Your very personal data are your name, address, email, phone numbers, age and any other information about you personally. We store and process these data so we can stay in touch with you. We never give them to any 3rd party, e.g. a possible employer, except you give us the permission to do so. You would do so, if you agree to speak or to meet a possible employer.

  1. b) Data about your experience, skills and preferences

We ask you a lot questions about your skills, experiences and preferences. We use them to match your experience with the requirements of potential employers. All these data are stored and processed by us. Besides this we use them to built anonymous profiles, which we sent to potential employers or publish them on our website. These profiles are very abstract descriptions of your professional person and do never allow any conclusion to you personally.

3.) Data Processors

Should we commission other companies with processing your data (data processing contractors) in order to fulfil our contractual obligations, these companies are contractually required to treat your data with care and to use it neither for their own purposes nor disclose it to any third parties – with due consideration for the applicable data protection regulations and our instructions. This commitment naturally applies to all members of our company. We are rigorous on the protection of your data and only work with providers we absolutely trust. Nevertheless we test them on regularly base.

4.) Information/amendment/deletion of the data stored by us

We only store your data for the period allowed by law, in particular the regulations of the Swiss DSG and VDSG and the Eruopean EU-DSGVO. We are happy to inform you upon request at any time whether and which data about you is stored by us. Should any incorrect data about you be stored by us despite our effort to maintain correct and up-to-date data, we will amend the data immediately upon your request. Should you require your data to be deleted, we will comply with this request immediately.

5.) Contact for enquires

Your trust matters to us. With that in mind, we are always available for your queries about the processing and handling of your personal data. Do you have any questions about this data protection statement, would you like your data to be deleted, or do you require any other information? Then please write us to

6.) Data Protection Officer

If you have any further request or question you can contact our Data Protection Officer

Friedrich v. Scanzoni
factory14 GmbH